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Use this brochure to share your love of minis.

MC Brochure

Have you ever wished you could share your love of miniatures with every one-especially with those people who have never heard of minis? Well, here’s a vehicle to help you spread the joys of this wonderful hobby.

For some time, the miniatures hobby has been wanting a handout that can be used alongside displays, perhaps at the local library, or at the entrance to exhibits on “public day” at shows. It is designed for someone who knows nothing about miniatures, but may just have been exposed to SOMETHING WONDERFUL. Once John Q. Public has seen actual miniatures, he’s bound to be curious about our little world.

The tri-fold brochure provides the details. In it, artisan Sylvia Rountree writes eloquently about her passion for all things small. She reminds readers that “in real life many things dictate the way we live, but when you become a miniaturist you can create your own little world and have a great time doing it...The problems of the outside world are left behind while working with miniatures.” Photographs of artisans’ work and of hobbyists’ handiwork surround her words.

The brochure may be copied for use at a miniatures event or printed for general distribution. Bring a bunch to lunch. Place a packet in your purse. Lay some out on your library’s “Free” table. Hand them out to family and friends wherever you go. Remember, this brochure is intended not for those of us who are already in the hobby, but for people we’d like to invite into it!

Contact information for major miniatures organizations is listed on the back of the brochure. Also on the back is an open space in which you, your miniatures club, your shop, show or museum may customize it. Stamp contact information in the space so that anyone who reads the brochure has a way to reach a local miniatures enthusiast. The brochure--a little bit of portable publicity--is a gift from Miniature Collector to the miniatures community. Use it with pride.

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