There's More to Miniatures...

As long as human history has been recorded, people have built miniature images of items imagined and real, from animals and gods to architectural renderings and children's toys. Small-scale replicas have enabled us to remember, to create, to worship and to dream.

Over the centuries scale miniatures grew into a highly specialized artform in their own right. The shared passion of a growing community of admiring collectors, skilled artisans and networks of dedicated hobbyists who gather at shows and conventions, form national organizations, and talk about miniatures everywhere from neighborhood parties to internet chat rooms. Whether its dolls, soldiers, trains, boats, airplanes or houses, enthusiasts have a clear commonality the desire for and love of the exquisite beauty of miniatures.

In support of this growing community, the National Miniatures Trust -- a non-profit, charitable organization -- was formed in 2003 to enrich and expand the national miniatures community -- its collectors and collections, businesses and charities, artists and publications, museums and organizations. Our goal is to help the miniatures community grow through better communication, education and a variety of community-serving programs.


Upcoming National Miniatures Trust Goals

Preparing regional publication articles highlighting displays, miniature shops, museums, workshops, clubs and special miniature exhibits for those geographical regions.

Developing programs designed to emphasize the use of miniature in education. By providing lesson plans and instruction to teachers, not only will the teachers be introduced to miniatures, but also the students.

Developing miniature projects that fulfill the Scouting merit badge.

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